Saturday, July 30, 2011

Restaurant Review 1: Steak and Catfish Barn

I'm a sucker for tv, especially shows about food. Food Network and the Cooking Channel are at the top of my list. Travel Channel also has their fair share of great food shows, one of which being Man v. Food. I love learning about great places to eat in cities that I would love to visit. Although it may also be that Adam Richman, the show's host, looks a lot like a grown up Kevin Arnold. ;) Wouldn't you know it, Adam (and the show) visited Oklahoma. I had to go check it out.
A few weeks ago, my family visited the zoo and worked up quite an appetite. We weren't too far away from an eatery where the show filmed. The Steak and Catfish Barn it was!
I admit, driving up to the place wasn't the most exciting. It truly does look like a truck stop off the busy interstate. The inside stayed with that theme. It was a little dark and seemed like it hadn't been decorated in about 15 years. That didn't bother us. It was clean, and honestly some of the best eats come from hole in the wall establishments.
The waitstaff was very friendly and attentive. Our boys enjoyed looking at all the decorations covering the walls. The menu was large enough, mostly with fried foods. But after all, that's what The Travel Channel came for, and so did we! My husband and I both ordered the catfish dinner. It came with hush puppies and our choice of two sides. I chose the green beans and okra. He chose a side salad and fries. I also ordered a side of the green tomato relish. Our oldest chose his favorite, popcorn shrimp. Boy #2 opted for the catfish. The baby was happy with Cheerio's.
The food was good. I won't say spectacular. Honestly, I prefer my catfish a little more thinly cut. My husband enjoyed the catfish and had no complaints. I will say, the green tomato relish was delicious! Eating it with the hush puppies, catfish, or straight....YUM! (mental note for a recipe search....) The boys each enjoyed their meals as well. The food was very fairly priced, and the service was great. It was easy place to eat with the children as well. If we are up on the north side of Oklahoma City again, we may head back.
And a shot of Adam for the road.....

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