Monday, February 13, 2012

Pinterest Picks

When I joined Pinterest a few months back, I became a pinning queen.  I love finding inspiration about clothes, crafts, big projects, photography and of course recipes.  On my food board alone I have 274 pins! 

Is it realistic that I am going to try 274 different recipes? (Actually it's more since some of the pins have multiples, ex: 15 Portable and Delicious Breakfast Baked Goods.)  Probably not, but I have committed to trying several of them. 

Here's some of the ones that I have already tried.

1.  Nutella Hot Chocolate- I am in love with all things Nutella.  When I saw this pin, it was something I immediately made.  Just warm up milk on the stove top.  Add Nutella.  Stir until melted.  It was so simple and delicious.  Sounds like my Nutella Coconut Coffee from the other day.  :)

2.  The Two Ingredient Cake- Seriously?!? Yes!!! It was incredible and delicious.  I changed it up a bit and bought a "butter" cake mix.  I did not use the recipe for the apple cider glaze.  I made a half batch of chocolate frosting using The Pioneer Woman's recipe.  You must try this recipe. 

3. String Cheese Baked in Egg Roll Wrappers- If you open the link, it is a recipe for fried cheese sticks, but if you read through all the comments you will notice there are tips for baking them.  Please, don't waste your time.  I tried cutting the cheese into smaller bits, so it wouldn't explode and seep out of the wrappers.  I tried changing the oven temperature to help with the odd texture of the wrappers.  Nothing seemed to work for me.  Sorry, this recipe was a fail.

4.  Roasted Cabbage- I don't know why I never thought of this before.  Roasting is my preferred way to cook veggies.  This was delicious.  The recipe states to cut the cabbage into rounds, but I have started cutting mine into wedges.  I also do not use caraway or fennel seeds.  I season mine with salt, pepper, and dashes of garlic powder and paprika. 

I've tried several more recipes and will keep you informed.  I hope to make this Pinterest rating thing a regular post.  Hope you all find it helpful. :)

(Also, I have no idea who took the original pictures for the recipes to give credit.  none of these photos are mine, only what I've pinned on Pinterest.)

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