Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest Picks

Pinterest is a great place to go to look for some culinary inspiration. It's time again for me to share some of my latest recipe attempts.

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These potatoes were pretty good.  I can say that it was pretty difficult to not cut all the way through the potato though and to keep the slices a pretty uniform size.  It was a fun, different way to serve potatoes, and I will definitely be fixing them again...when I get a sharper knife.

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I love this recipe, or really I call it a method.  I saw Giada make these on the Food Network a while back and have made them numerous times since.  They are quick and easy.  Honestly, I have made so many of varieties of these because you can put any combination of meat/veggie/cheese that you like. 

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Yes, this really works, and is GREAT!  If you love popcorn and want a fun way to serve it, please give this a try.  It's a wonderful way to control the amount of oil and salt you use. 

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Finally, this is just a really neat website that can help you make dinner out of the ingredients you have on hand.  Any meal is just a few clicks away. 

Have you all tried any recipes worth making again?  Any worth avoiding?

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